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Unique sofas design
&Nbsp;   ju Jia Wan Qingxia with Designer told reporters that popular sofa fabrics are divided into two types of British garden and American pastoral. British type pastoral tendencies petty, feel like Blue Mountain coffee, taste delicate, to elegant of floral pure cotton cloth mainly, usually is fabric "dominating world", spent type also relative single, almost is rose, and rose "support full"; American pastoral tendencies in the produced, resembles motorcycle card coffee of mellow, color gorgeous, spent type atmosphere rich, General used cloth and wood combined of way, frequency added a few minutes heavy sense. However, despite the material looks a bit garish, but sofa designs are minimalist "loyal fans", basically followed the sofa, corner sofa, single chair, rocking chair, the traditional model, "fashion, catch up with the trend of" all come on to all kinds of tricks, the task of the cloth.

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