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Buy sofa to six
&Nbsp;   brand
&Nbsp;   consumers should try to choose a well-known enterprise in the production of brand-name sofa. Because brands are acceptable to the consumer in the long run, its quality stability, low failure rates, long warranty, after-sales service is guaranteed.
&Nbsp;   quality
&Nbsp;   hands the whole issue around the sofa again and shake shake shake, and shake and if it feels good, the framework firmly. Consult with business people, opened at the end corner of the cloth to see, if not rotten, worm-free, no scars, smooth with no bark or wood wool made of hardwood, and material and material connection is not nailed but by the mortise, or biting each other, again using glue stick, there would be no problem.
&Nbsp;   3, see internal quality
&Nbsp;   high-end sofa over the underside of the seat and back made of nylon and cross network series leaf spring structure, layering above pave the highly resilient foam, spewing foam and light body. This cushion elasticity and good sitting comfort. Medium sofa with glue pressed fiberboard for the seat and the back of the backplane, with layered density foam in bedding and spewing. This cushion to sit on the hard, resilience is a bit poor.
&Nbsp;   4, fabric, sewing
&Nbsp;   buy leather sofas leather you want to select. Leather sofa is divided into full and half leather sofa leather sofa, each set of wide consumption equivalent to 10 head of cattle leather sofa leather, very high value, ventilation and good environmental performance, Europe and other developed countries generally use full leather sofa. Half leather sofa the sofa back, bottom and other hidden parts of PU leather or imitation leather PVC replaced leather, but in direct contact with the human body parts for the high value of leather, thus reducing the cost of the sofa, and more affordable. Sofa made from leather are divided into cattle and Buffalo skin, divided according to layer the first layer of skin, second skin and three layers of skin; by production area is divided into domestic and imported leather. Imports to Italy and Germany imported suede cow hide quality, comply with stringent environmental requirements, high colour fastness, good elasticity and permeability, high mechanical strength, in particular high tear strength and tensile strength. Quality selection of leather sofas have to be the first layer of cow hide.

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