Furniture knowledge

Advantages of dismantling furniture
&Nbsp;   (1) module, unity of products, products have greater predictability;
&Nbsp;   (2) reduces the workload of recycled parts and materials required for use again;
&Nbsp;   (3) remove the separation easy and fast;
&Nbsp;   (4) remove parts easy to manual or automatic processing;
&Nbsp;   (5) ease of sorting and processing of recycled material and residual waste.
&Nbsp;   assembling and disassembling furniture is a reflection of furniture industry progress. It requires high-precision machining means of support, requires mature application of new materials, new technology and new methods of supporting, also developed parts and fittings used in interface support. And Ed's goal is to use the simplest tools to quickly meet the quality requirements of finished furniture disassembly and Assembly. Italy designer Mashimo¬∑moluozi (Massimo Morozzi) design of the "dry" Chair, using only a simple wing bolts are integrated parts of the Chair, can freedom disassembly without adhesive.

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