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Leather sofa care and maintenance methods
&Nbsp;   a, to ensure indoor ventilation, too dry or moist will accelerate leather aging.
&Nbsp;   II, do not place in direct sunlight places, also do not put the air conditioning blowing directly into the place, which makes the leather-hard. Sunlight faded the color leather. Summer sweat, and the pores of the leather will absorb the sweat, high temperature and moisture can make the chemical reactions of organic compounds in sweat and leather, easy to produce odors. In this regard, the ground to dry and semi-dry cloth to wipe.
&Nbsp;   III, also told you, when you wipe the leather sofa, can not use alkaline cleaning fluid, because when the leather is an acid treatment, and alkaline reduces the leather softness, long-term use of chap.
&Nbsp;   clean leather couch with cotton or silk wet after gently wipe clean available after Bailey bead or Polish to spray it again, to keep it smooth. If careless ball-point pen painting on leather couch, try gently with an eraser. Apart from special sofa care, can also be expired products (such as face cream, face cream, hand paint oil) to protect the leather sofa, the effect is very good, and can be recycled. But it is important to note that, with whitening efficacy of medication and skin care products should not be used.
&Nbsp;   surface dirt not water or gasoline spread as much as possible, because the water to harden the leather, gasoline can make leather volatile oil and dry.

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