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&Nbsp;   defines the furniture product family and when your design is finished, needed parts in the manufacture, procurement and distribution process flow, product flow and information flow are considered, to set up a complete product family. Multifunctional design group in at this stage to consider all have an impact on design, functionality, cost, customer needs, custom scope, product family, manufacturability, easy maintenance, physical constraints and geometric constraints between modules, product appearance and security.
&Nbsp;   due to design team on products family has has unified awareness, is can parallel completed following work: design homemade parts, determine purchased parts; design furniture of Assembly form, makes its can configuration products family in the of all products type; development flexible of CAD/CAM, makes CAD "template" can with customer or special needs of market of entered and when update; created orders guest login database or configuration device, let sales, and design, and Manufacturing and service sector reflects a consistent and customer needs developing the function of print customized documents; flexible processing and flexible transportation; the best parts flow and product planning of inclusion in a truly flexible factories.

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