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Office chairs

Office chairs

    layout of the Office family tradition in the water the career Horoscope:
&Nbsp;   1, put some red in the East of office furniture and accessories, such as wood ornaments, family can be motivated, good career and studies.
&Nbsp;   2, yellow has always been used to represent wealth, while the West is considered to be the leading business and wealth position, if placed on the yellow screen furniture fashion accessories such as citrine or yellow items are also available, can bring great wealth, so fly "yellow" ish.
&Nbsp;   3, white Crystal conducive to healthy, transparent colorless or white Crystal, Crystal energy, seven rounds of the human body (which refer to the various parts of the body) in the "crown chakra", that is, heads the center position, diseases of the body can be air, black air, discharge from the foot, making clear man, spiritual medium bodied, very helpful career and health. If placed on a desk or table, placing large white Crystal columns, to help them improve.

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