Office furniture market has great potential business opportunities in China more
&Nbsp;   production enterprise is the difficult point is mainly product design. For example, various types of electrical wiring of concealment, furniture layout and color, style's influence on body image, even safe, comfortable ergonomic requirements of modern office furniture without mutual assistance, have become consumers in selecting products focus on one of the conditions. And consumer demand for higher level compared to current design capacity of domestic manufacturing enterprises is still lagging.
&Nbsp;   since most users of office furniture to organizations, enterprises and institutions, making rational buying on the market, rational consumption characteristics has become increasingly evident, in particular the introduction of bidding, the Government implemented the unified   after purchase, in addition to product quality and price, corporate financial strength, production and research and development capabilities, the ability to provide pre-sale service, have become the main factors determining consumer.
&Nbsp;   in order to provide a more modern and cultural tastes of the Office environment, and help users enhance corporate image, manufacturers need to do a lot of work, in particular follow global trends of modern furniture, developed the series of new products, learn new marketing idea.

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