Humanized design of office furniture
&Nbsp;   DIY furniture has obviously economic and cost Shang of advantage, main performance for DIY furniture advocates garage new, its rustic practical of styling, strong durable of performance are let DIY designers heart not has been, as will a pieces old cabinet brush Shang red paint, in above with silver foil paper cut a round tablets, again distribution Shang fake of lock and ring, on made a and really of antique has a few minutes similar of Cabinet, and with innocent of means and wave General color, This design cannot be seen as a simple imitation, but rather an imaginative re-creation, and best of all it is much cheaper than a genuine antique furniture.
&Nbsp;   DIY furniture focus on mining without being noticed or waste the potential of value in the design process, designers can feel satisfaction, also tested the value of design. DIY furniture designs intended to find some flaw, imperfect semi-finished products, and to finish the other half, on the reuse of waste materials have also responded to saving, environmental protection and other advanced concepts. Environmentally-conscious designers are at present to proceed with the environmental value of the DIY furniture design. Even in everyday life, DIY designer furniture selection is also environmentally friendly, as they believe in natural materials, select the quick-growing materials such as bamboo, rattan, straw, not selected look beautiful and magnificent nature damage materials.

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