Modern office furniture design ideas
&Nbsp;   modern furniture design in addition to traditional size improve more in line with the body's needs, also changed some of the structure of traditional furniture, such as some customers successfully combines the traditional Office Chair remove the front retaining, the original "mouth" shaped foot gear changed to "h-shaped". Chongqing modern office furniture designers say this is mainly taking into account modern has many people likes to sit on a Chair foot habitually leaned.
&Nbsp;   in order to meet the market demand, more Western modern thoughts for our use, Office furniture manufacturers, China chose to cooperate with Western Designer, and some Chinese designers directly from Europe, the essence of Chinese traditional furniture element combined with the Western modern aesthetic, designed a number of upstart Chinese furniture. Which is mainly reflected in two directions: one is based on Chinese traditional furniture for the, material and style of the era update to traditional furniture; second, modern furniture, introducing basic elements of traditional Chinese culture at home for innovation.

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