Office furniture plans and matters needing attention
&Nbsp;   office furniture height will be able to recuperate, the height varies depending on the person's height. At the time of purchase to stop the following experiment: sitting at the table, his hands placed on the desktop, if highly fit, your elbows should be bent 90 °, so as not to make your body often pressed, if desktop height to adjust, then that is the best way.
&Nbsp;   keyboard drawer should not be too small, and enough space in front of the keyboard should be saved, on regular text input are especially important, because there is enough space to support your trick, worked long hours we don't have a sense of numbness, so as to enhance Office efficiency.
&Nbsp;   office furniture with special wiring to install. Well-designed computer table should have one or two holes, allows a large number of cables in order to pass through, so that not only looks uniform or twisted together to reduce cable line interference to their signal.
&Nbsp;   office furniture should be used as far as possible fire, moisture-proof, anti-static material manufacturing. About hundred of the most common products on the market, often devastating particle board is used in such quality vulnerable and flammable, which gave us another hazard, should not be used.
&Nbsp;   office furniture of exquisite workmanship and material
&Nbsp;   stability of office furniture is also highlighted because it carries is the expensive computers, computer as long as solid and reliable can the heart be placed on it. Current low-priced products, without exception, adopts the frame structure, put together a few pieces of wood nailed together, are cheap but durable, and should not be purchased, if reality is cheap, come back and be careful not to use, I added a few nails when necessary. Match fit, durable, strong standard products are bearing screw construction, removable, well beyond the framework of stability, and the price is not much more expensive, because of the thought, it is worth recommending.

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